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Why Should I Remap?

Huge Benefits

Amazing improvements to your vehicle’s engine output. Get the best our of your 4×4, bakkie or car.


If you reside in Gauteng or in the Nelspruit area, the great news is that your remapping will be done on site at your home or business.


We pride ourselves on providing you with affordable service without compromising on  quality. 

ECU Remapping FAQ’S

What does ECU stand for?

The acronym ECU stands for Engine Control Unit. This can also be known as the ECM which stands for Engine Control Module.

What does the ECU do?

The ECU, or Engine Control Unit, is a device inside a car or bakkie that that controls a series of component responses in your engine to ensure optimal performance. The core of the ECU is an electronic chip, known as a microcontroller. This chip has embedded software that controls the electrical system within a vehicle, telling it what to and how to operate.

What is ECU Remapping or Tuning?

ECU Tuning, or ECU Remapping, is adjusting a vehicle’s Engine Control Unit default software settings to yield optimal engine performance to increase power output, economy, responsiveness and durability. By reconfiguring a vehicles ECU software you’re able to get the most out of your engine.

How does ECU Remapping work?

Each vehicles Engine Control unit is operated by a chip that is at the core of the device. This chip has software embedded on it that controls the vehicle engine function. ECU Remapping is done through a specialised machine that carefully remaps the vehicle’s software to ensure optimal engine performance within legal limits.

ECU Remapping FAQ
Why should Remap my vehicles software?

The benefits of ECU Remapping is optimal engine performance, power output and durability. Experience improved power, torque and response. Not only will you get the most out of your engine, through ECU remapping, you will also improve your engine’s economy through improved fuel consumption. 

Does ECU Remapping make a big difference?

Absolutely! ECU Remapping can enhance almost any vehicle’s engine output. By remapping your car’s ECU software you’re able to gain up to 30% performance from your engine’s output. Whether you’re looking to increase power, improve fuel economy or responsiveness, our custom remapping solutions are the way to go.

Does remapping damage your car?

Not at all! ECU Remapping is 100% Safe. You can confidently remap your vehicle without losing engine reliability. We will remap your vehicle within the manufacturer’s safety limits.

Practical faq’s

How long does remapping take?

On a regular vehicle, ECU remapping takes approximately 30-40 minutes, but no longer than 2hrs.

Can I remap my own vehicle software?

As South Africans we love DIY, however, this is not something we recommend you attempt yourself. If you’re looking for an expert to remap your vehicles ECU software, Saftrade is here to help!

What areas do we cover?

Saftrade operates all over Gauteng, as well as Nelspruit. Should you reside just outside of these areas, please give us a call for a custom quotation for your ECU Remapping.

Is It Expensive?

In short, no. ECU Remapping is affordable, even though remapping is a specialised service, we have worked incredible hard to give you the best value for money. If you’re looking for an estimate, contact us here or visit our pricing page here.

What are our Saftrade terms & conditions?

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